ѕнαкυηтαℓα - αη єтєяηαℓ ℓσνє ѕтσяу

The tender and romantic, fairy tale of Shakuntala and King Dushyant has become a synonym of love in the India. Shakuntala was the daughter of celestial apsara Menaka, and sage Vishwamitra and was abandoned by her parents' right after she was born.

The baby was found by the sage Kanva who gives her refuge in his ashram and raises her like his own daughter. Shakuntala grows up to be a breath taking beauty. She meets King Dushyant who is completely smitten by her. He approaches her, wins her heart and gives her his Royal seal, his Ring.

Circumstances separate Shakuntala from King Dushyant and she keeps pining for her love to return. The story of Shakuntala is a classic example of love so pure that it transcends all artificial boundaries that human beings have created and what it actually means to be truly in love by capturing the dialectics of joy and pain. Will Shakuntala re unite with King Dushyant or will fate keep them apart?


Shakuntala - Younger...Aaina Mehta
                          Elder...Neha Mehta

Dushyant - Younger...Abhileen Pandey
                       Elder...Gautam Sharma

Rajkumari Gauri - Payal Sarkar

Senapati Veer - Gagan Malik

Rajkumari Kalki - Shabbana Mulani

Rajkumar Mritunjaya - Vikky Batra

Rishi Shatanand - Bhagwan Tiwari

Karan - Sunny Nijjar

Priyamvada - Simran Khanna

Anusuya - Sonali Nikam

Gautami Didi - Geeta Tyagi

Rishi Shatanand - Bhagwan Tiwari

Rishi Kanva - Gyan Prakash

Raja Puru - Javed Khan

Rani Rathanatari Upadanvi - Salina Prakash



Played by...
Younger - Aaina Mehta
Elder - Neha Mehta

Biological Daughter of Menaka & Rishi Vishwamitra, Adopted Daughter of Rishi Kanva. As being daughter of heaven angel ...She was inherited with amazing beauty. Shakuntala was found by Rishi Kanva surrounded and protected by birds (Shakunton in Sanskrit), and so she was named Shakuntala

Under his fatherly love and care Shakuntala grew up as a simple but most beautiful lady. Her voice was sweet and her manners sober and graceful.She was the mother of Bharat. She was very fond of her missing mother, Rishi Kanva, Birds, 

Her friends Priyamvada, Anusuyia & Karan. Shakuntala & Gauri were childhood friends. She too Loved Dushyant a lot. EmbarrassedWinkBeing cursed she suffered a lot . 

Prince Dushyant

Played by...
Younger -Abhileen Pandey
Elder - Gautam Sharma

 King Of Hastinapur , Son of King Puru & Queen Rathanatari Upadanvi , Brother of Gauri , Father of Bharat & Love interest of Shakuntala.Wink.......He was a very talented, Intelligent, 

Powerful, Romantic, Sensible, Adorable, Passionate. Good looking, humorous, caring, responsible & above all an ideal Puruvanshi King, Son, Father, Brother, Lover & Husband. He was master in Sword fighting. He loved & respected his family & kingdom a lot.( a character which can be loved by anyone).Clap

 He madly fell in Love with Shakuntala from first sight. Both secretly married & Because of a curse, Dushyant lost his memory regarding Shakuntala but as soon as he got his memories back, He reunited with his wife Shakuntala. As a popular King, he had many rivals.Ouch

Prince Mritunjaya

 Played by Vikky Batra

Prince of Daulatpura, Brother of Kalkie. He is also a negative character like his sister. He also wants Hastinapur's property by marrying Gauri. But also the same time he wants Shakuntala too. 

He wants to own Shakuntala for his taking his revenge with DuShak. He is a coward type person who wants everything in short cut.

Like her Sister he is also an arrogant, proudy & sophisticated personality. He falsely praises himself in front of everyone but always end up being fool. He has enmity with Dushyant. He also a highly spoiled brat.

Princess Kalki

Played By Shabbana Mulani

Princess of Daulatpura & Sister of Mrityunjay. One of the negative Character (Vamp). She is an arrogant, sensitive, proudy, clever & sophisticated personality. She is very sensitive in her beauty matters. She pampers herself a lot. 

She has a negative attitude towards poor peoples. She always tries to create misunderstanding b/w DuShank by manipulating their minds with her lies. She great in trapping peoples in her trap.

She always dreams to be Hastinapur's queen by marrying Dushyant so she never missed any chance to woo Dushyant but always failed coz to Shakuntala That's why She has an enemity & jealous with Shakuntala.In short, a highly spoiled rich bra



Brother of Gautami, Co - owner of Kanva ashram. He was a very strict; rude & negative personality. Rishi Shatanand had a conflict with Rishi Vishwamitra(Shakuntala's real Father), That's why he didn't like Shakuntala.

 He objected Rishi Kanva for bringing baby Shakuntala in Ashram. He always tried to harm Shakuntala & made her life hell without being noticed just for revenge feeling.

 He used Prince Mrityunjaya as his pawn for making Shakuntala's life hell with help of Gautami.Angry


Played By ...Geeta Tyagi

Hermit mother of Shakuntala, Sister cum crime - partner of Rishi Shatanand. Like Rishi Shatanand She too didn't like Shakuntala & never wanted her well being.

 She always indirectly harmed Shakuntala being unnoticed. She always acts very humble with Shakuntala but from behind, She always planned evil of Shakuntala with Rishi Shatanand. 

She respected Rishi Kanva a lot. She even tried to poisoned baby Shakuntala.Angry

Senapati Veer

Played By Gagan Malik

A young, powerful, talented, good looking & warrior by profession. Veer too belonged to a royal family & was a prince but during his childhood, He was pushed out from his state by her step-mother after death of his real mother.

 He collided with Dushyant at a fair while a competing in a war-game. Dushyant was very much impressed by him so he appointed Veer as Hastinapur's Senapati. Senapati Veer helps Dushyant in sword practice. 

Veer respected King Puru, Queen & Dushyant a lot But at the same time He Loved Gauri too. He too revolted unwantedly against Dushyant when he rejected him.

Princess Gauri!!!

Played by Payal Sarkar

 Princess of Hastinapur, Daughter of King Puru & Queen Rathanatari Upadanvi, younger Sister of King Dushyant. She was childhood friend of Shakuntala.

 She was a cool, bold, confident, charming & bubbly personality. She shared a frank & healthy relation with her Brother Dushyant & her friends Damini & Ragini. 

She loved Senapti Veer a lot. For her love she even revolted against her family.